Pepijn Fijt

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Hello everyone and welcome to my portfolio site! My name is Pepijn Fijt and I am Born in Schiedam and I live in Schiedam. I am most likely findable in Rotterdam.
Designing websites is what I do and developing software, so I know much for a working website.
At this moment I am studying software development at the university of applied science Rotterdam. Programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript(jQuery) and PHP are a piece of cake to me. I have a generic knowledge of programming, so I can learn a new language in a day.

How do I distinguish myself with other web developers?

In my spare time I draw designs for T-shirts and other prints. I used drawing as an escapism for my whole life. When I was stressed, I was going to start drawing and felt after 5 min already relaxed. I put a lot of effort in my designs. If you are really interested, you may buy some designs for your friends or for your employees or even for yourself. Buy here!